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Integrative Healing Session

Includes 1 x 60 minute session


Do you feel –

You’re not living to your highest potential?

That you are repeating the same destructive patterns in relationships?

You’re struggling to heal past wounds?

You are unsure of your life’s path or purpose?

You are stuck in a career or job that doesn’t feel right?

Each of us has a unique vibration and frequency at the soul level, your “soul song”.  As we experience traumas (whether large or small) or make decisions that are not in line with our truth our resonant vibration begins to go out of tune. Soon other areas of our life like relationships, careers, health, and much more go out of tune as well. I’ve developed my soul song sessions to help bring my clients back into tune with their soul essence vibration.

How it Works: In my 1 hour Integrative healing sessions you and I will work together to identify those areas of your life that are out of tune.  I will perform a reading of your energy in present time bringing awareness to stuck energy or trauma structures I see in the body.  These traumas may be large like the death of a parent or small like a moment of degradation or embarrassment by a peer.  I will often bring awareness to things the client isn’t even conscious of.  You may also ask me questions about any area of your life.  After the reading portion is completed I am then able to clear those structures from the energetic and physical body via “psychic surgery”.  Once those structures are cleared your resonant vibration comes back in tune.  This allows your unique soul song to start to harmonize all parts of your energetic and physical body as well as your life and relationships. 

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